Audiobook Business consulting

Jeffrey's service is not acting lessons or performance coaching. 

Jeffrey offers phone or Zoom-based business consulting for audiobook narrators who are just starting out, want to break into the business, or who are established, but are looking to push further ahead or find new streams of income. Also known as "picking the brain".

The curriculum is whatever you want to know. This is not a formal class. This is an hour via phone or Skype to answer YOUR questions. 


ACX is the newest player in the field and the place to go to find new authors who want to get their titles into audio. But how do you make a deal with them? What are some things to look for before signing a royalty-share agreement? What's a good rate to charge for per-finished-hour? Should I outsource some of the work? I'm Union, what does this all mean for me?

Publishers and Producers

Getting work with a wide variety of publishers and producers is the end-goal of every narrator and the true milestone by which the hobbyist becomes the professional. Who are the publishers in this field? How do you get to know them? Should I attend APAC? How will I know when my demo is ready for submission?

Workflow, invoicing, rates

Knowing how each publisher works is critical to your success as a narrator. How does this workflow differ from ACX? Are the skills transferable? How do I deal with invoicing and accounting? What are the standard rates for the publishers?

The answer to these and many more questions are a phone call away. 

Rate: $100 per hour
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Most newcomers typically have to negotiate ACX to establish themselves these days, and there’s nobody smarter than Jeffrey when it comes to navigating those waters. I’ve quoted him extensively on that subject to my students and colleagues these past few years, and when I personally took his advice on revenue-sharing gigs a few months ago it had an immediate and extremely positive impact on my bank account.
— Scott Brick - Narrator, Coach
Jeffrey is brilliant at this. Period.
— Xe Sands - Narrator
Jeffrey Kafer is THE audiobook business guru you need, to take full advantage of the opportunity this career offers. His knowledge regarding ACX, Royalty Share and outsourcing is unsurpassed. He has been a great help to me and my students. I rely on his counsel and I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want your audiobook career to flourish, you need to talk to Jeffrey Kafer.
— Johnny Heller - Narrator, Coach
Jeffrey Kafer knows the audiobook business inside and out. I respect his blunt, honest, well-informed approach to the industry as well as his creativity and integrity.
— Andi Arndt - Narrator, Producer
Jeffrey is my go-to scout for getting me through the turbulent rapids of Audiobook Waterways. Great Paddle, Seaworthy Boat.
— Patrick Fraley - Teacher, Performer
When it comes to audiobooks and the audiobook industry, Jeffrey Kafer is your Go-To guy! Jeffrey’s expertise in all things audiobooks will not only enlighten you but help propel your audiobook career to the next level. And, if that isn’t enough, his great sense of humor will make any session a lot fun!
— Mary Lynn Wissner - Casting Director, Voice Talent
There are a lot of smart people in this business, talented performers, technicians, producers, directors, teachers and business people. But when asked who knows the most about the most, the answer is invariably Jeffrey Kafer. Consulting with Jeffrey is money well invested.
— Patrick Lawlor - Narrator
I am a narrator. Jeffrey Kafer is a narrator. But he is also in the business of Audiobook Narration. He has figured out how to monetize this industry in ways I don’t even understand. He is clever and resourceful and highly successful. And I want to be like him when I grow up. Seriously.
— Hillary Huber - Narrator
Jeffrey Kafer is a seasoned audiobook veteran who understands the industry’s many facets and never fears telling it like it is. His solid reputation and the broad respect he’s earned are a testament to his talent, knowledge and savvy. Kafer is one of the good guys.
— P.J. Ochlan - Narrator, Dialect Coach
Jeffrey Kafer is not only an incredibly talented audiobook narrator, but very helpful in navigating voice talent, new or seasoned, in the audiobook world. He’s the best resource I could ask for!
— Heather Costa - Narrator
Jeffrey’s advice is always solid: He’s a man who knows (and understands) the business better than most.
— Simon Vance - Narrator

Rate: $100 per hour
Ready to reserve your 60 minute Zoom or phone question/answer session?

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About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kafer is a Los Angeles based SAG-AFTRA narrator with 10 years experience and over 500 audiobooks produced to date.

He has worked with major publishers, small producers, and individual authors on ACX. He has done extensive projects on a per-finished-hour basis as well as royalty-share.

Jeffrey has taught business consulting at major venues across the country including guest-speaking at the UCLA Drama and Theater masters program, That's Voice Over, VO Atlanta, the Audio Publishers Association Conference, ACX University and more.

As a working narrator, he has the experience to answer your questions, give you advice and help move your career in a positive direction.

Rate: $100 per hour
Ready to reserve your 60 minute Zoom or phone question/answer session?